Planes of Symmetry  | English  | German  | isiXhosa

Four cubes are arranged asmmetrically. By adding either one or two additional cubes, different structures can be created, some of which have vertical planes of symmetry. wo examples are shown, and extension activities are suggested.
The VITALmaths and VITALmathsLIC site consists of a databank of short and funky video clips that specifically interrogate the conceptual aspects of a mathematical idea, process or concept. Some of the video clips contain strategic dialogues to encourage appropriate mathematical talk and conversation.
SANDBOXmaths is a collection of more experimental video clips done by students in their mathematics teacher-training classes and researchers wishing to use specific video clips in their teaching and research.
The APPLETmaths site consists of a selection of GeoGebra applets that were developed by students and researchers for their research projects.